Check yourself

I recently spoke with a very important screenwriter.  I know he was very important because he told me so.  More than once.  In fact, this man was a complete asshole.  I’d like to give you all kinds of juicy gossip about this famous celebrity but I can’t.  He’s not famous.  In my estimation, he’s not important either.  Just an asshole.

I’m my dealings I’ve come across more than a handful of people who fancy themselves as very important people.  None of which you would recognize by name, nor their work.  In fact, I have spoken with many important  screenwriters, producers, and directors – none of which pointed out to me just how important they were.  My point is: check yourself.  Even the most famous screenwriter is not a household name.  You make movies, or television, or musicals, or plays.  You’re not curing cancer.  You’re not a civil engineer or a doctor.  You create entertainment.  On your best day, it’s art;  On your worst, no one cares.

The “very important” individuals I referenced before, most likely,  scream at waiters and don’t realize they’re spitting in their soup.  They’re often loud.  Probably because no one listens to them otherwise.  They distort facts to fit their opinions so they sound intelligent.

Maslow’s hierarchy peaks with self-actualization.  Sadly, I have no hope for these individuals to reach that.  They are too absorbed in themselves.  And why wouldn’t they be?  They’re very important.  But for the rest of you out there, please, check yourself.  No matter what level of success you have, how much money you make, or how much smoke is blowing up your ass: keep your feet on the ground.  Respect isn’t measured in box office returns or Oscars.  And you’re never too important to earn it or give it.