Dispelling the myth of writing in another format

How’s your screenwriting career going?  Not so great?  You should write a book.  No!  You should write a stageplay.  No!  You should write a comic book.

If any has ever told you to stop writing screenplays and pickup another format so you can sell then your screenplay, you have my permission to smack them in the mouth with the nearest blunt object.

It’s a simple case of misinformation.  Yes, books are made into movies all the time.  In fact a shit load of them come from books.  But they come from good books.  Best selling books.  Books written by great writers.  If you do not write a brilliant best selling novel then no one’s going to give two dumps about your little book.  And now you’ve just wasted X amount of time by not writing another screenplay.

But let’s suppose you did write a great book.  The best book.  Hollywood wants to make your book into a movie.  Great, now they’re going to pay you for the rights.  They’re also more likely than not to hire someone else to write the screenplay.  Or hire you for the first draft, then fire you, and use five more different people to rewrite you before it ever hits theaters.

Yes, it is incredibly hard to get a foothold in this industry.  But do you think these other industries are somehow easier?  You think the comic book or playwriting community, is just sitting around waiting for a failed screenwriter to drop by with his next project?

We’re talking about businesses filled with art and passion.  People are clamoring to get into all of them.  Nothing is easy and you have to fight the whole way to get yours.

If you want want to write another medium, do it.  But do it because you want to flex your writing muscles and try something new.  Otherwise it’s just masterbation.