Random dislikes…

I haven’t posted in about a month. Sorry, busy. Just knocked out a new script that – early reports – people like. Yay me. But sadly I have not been inspired to write anything on the old blog. But to keep it from looking abandoned I’ve decided to post something. As useless as it may be.

Also, here is a BAMF picture to accompany it. It was taken by a friend of mine. Click the picture to visit his site and see more incredible photography.


  • people who call their computer’s desktop the screensaver
  • grown men who call their father their “daddy”
  • anyone who uses a year in their email address
  • people who confuse “itch” and “scratch”
  • people who use “irregardless” as a word
  • Nascar
  • people who say they give “more than 100%”. Not possible. Fuck you.
  • people who say “they could care less”.
  • people who say “anywho”
  • people who say “literally” because they want to emphasize something. No. Books are not literally flying off the shelves.
  • the Happy Birthday song. It’s shit.
  • Smurfs. They’re 3 apples high and Gargamel couldn’t find their mushroom houses? I call bullshit!
  • cilantro. You know what you did.


  • The Kool-Aid Man. Cuz he’s constantly breaking walls without gives-of-fucks.
  • Earthquakes – you feel cool. Just don’t kill anyone.