Script Titles – Part II

Struggling to find a name for that script of yours? Here’s a few places to look.

  • popular phrases (or a perversion of one)
  • something the main character would say
  • the name of your hero (add an verb for spice. e.g. Get Shorty, Finding Forrester)
  • a song title
  • a book title (probably better to get inspired by one than sued for using one directly)
  • thesaurus (use a mediocre word to find a better one)
  • double entendres, oh the double entendres

Fellow screenwriter, teacher, and co-writer of The Pocket Screenwriting Guide, Mario Moreno suggests writing script titles down in a notebook. He’s constantly scribbling titles down in his moleskine notebooks. I do the same. My best titles came before I ever had the script idea. You never know when a random title might hit you. Maybe it’s something you saw on television or a conversation overheard in a restaurant. Write it down. Maybe one day you’ll have an idea to fit it.