The United States of XYZ

The United States of XYZThe alphabet looks like the United States of America to me. Seriously. It’s broken up into time zones and everything.


Look how round and beautiful these letters are. They’re just chilling. You could find them sipping on chai tea in a Portland coffee shop or catching rays on a Malibu beach. West coast all the way.


Suddenly every letter goes vertical. Like the Rocky Mountains themselves. In lower case, the only letters in the whole alphabet that carry a tittle are the ‘i’ and the ‘j’. Those tittles are the Great Salt Lake.


Heading into the Great Plains we hit the flattest part of the alphabet.


The ‘t’ is the mitten of Michigan. The ‘y’ is Florida. And look at all the straight lines in ‘vwxyz’. So rigid and straight-laced. That’s east coast all the way. Tough, hard-nosed letters from the streets of D.C., Boston, New York, Philly.