Courier For The People

It’s Courier. Just betterer.

Since the creation of time, our monkey ancestors have written screenplays using the Courier font. The predictable nature of the monospaced font allows filmmakers to guestimate screen time based on their page count.

Screenwriting programs such as Final Draft have created their own respective variation on the Courier font. But wouldn’t it be nice if there were some more options? Though all Couriers are monospaced they don’t all have the same metrics. This means swapping your font out for another can sometimes lead to unexpected changes in your page count. No bueno!

So I took a stab at creating a Courier too.

I call it Courier For The People.


Designed for screenplays

Courier For the People was specifically designed as an alternative to Courier and Courier Final Draft. Meaning you can replace them in programs like Final Draft and see no difference in page count.

Other features:

  • Heavier weight, giving it the appearance of being darker on the screen and the page
  • True italics
  • Identical pagination on Mac and Windows
  • Stylistic refinement on letters such as A and Q


Courier For The People

Weights and styles

Courier For The People PreviewQ & A

Is this free?


Why did you make it?

To help. I know a lot of writers who were searching for alternate fonts. The ones they found fell short in some form or another.

Can I use this font for my own nefarious designs?

Sure. I don’t care what you do with it.

Are you a font designer?

No. I mean, I guess I am now. I made one. But it’s not my job. I’ve never tried to make a font before. This is my first. I’m just a writer with curiosity and a computer.

How do I swap out my font in Final Draft?

  1. Format | Elements
  2. Font tab
  3. Choose the font
  4. Click Apply Font/Size to all Elements

I’m using Final Draft on Windows. Any special warnings?


It just works.

This font released under the SIL Open Font License (OFL) license.