My Lasik Experience

I recently had Lasik eye surgery.  As many writers wear glasses I thought it might be worth noting my experience with it. THE CONSULTATION So there I was.  Sitting in the waiting room at a Laser Eye Center.  Knee bouncing in nervous anticipation.  Could have been the thought of eye surgery, could have been becauseContinue reading “My Lasik Experience”

Screenwriting and depression

When depression hits you’ve got to find a way to power through and keep working. There’s only so much life to go around.

Farwell to Blake Snyder

Anyone who learned anything about screenwriting in the last decade has probably heard the name Blake Snyder. His popular book Save the Cat has become the book on screenwriting structure. August 4, 2009, he died from a pulmonary embolism. It was one of the first books recommended to me and instantly became a favorite. IContinue reading “Farwell to Blake Snyder”