Good grief

In 1969 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote a book called On Death and Dying. In it she details the five stages of grief (aka the Kübler-Ross model), a series of emotional changes one experiences when faced with certain death: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. 

I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between this progression and typical storytelling techniques.  Read More

Final Draft 9

Final Draft 9

I write in Final Draft 9. I love it. This is not a full review. I simply wanted to endorse it. And I’m not pretending I had no involvement with it. I absolutely did. That’s why I’m pimping it. I’m proud of the work that’s been done. And the road it’s going to lead to in the future.

My favorite new features are the improved ScriptNotes, the evolution of the Navigator, Replace Character, and full screen mode on my Macbook Pro. All of this helps make writing easier. Which is really what it’s all about.

Happiness is a Warm Gun


On the set of my second movie, Victim’s Song, we had a gun. It was a prop gun. It only fired blanks. That being said it was loud as hell and had a muzzle flash. So I wanted to make sure people didn’t play with it.

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One of these things is not like the other

Subtle difference from the French and the U.S. World War Z poster.



The twist is it sucks


A friend of mine recently lamented about a buddy of his who made a video that was less than stellar. In fact it was a real turd. I asked him what was so wrong with it. The audio? The editing? He summed it up as a painful 15 minute short that ends with a crappy twist. Too often people spend so much attention on the twist that it comes at the cost of good storytelling. Read More

The end is nigh

Maybe it’s because I’m working on two projects set against the end of the world but I couldn’t help but notice the slate of similarly minded films in 2013. Hollywood has always been drawn to the apocalypse. It’s dramatic. But holy cow…

TheWorld'sEnd ThisIsTheEnd Oblivion AfterEarth PacificRim WorldWarZ MattDamon