Making a trailer for nothing

It’s a very popular practice for independent filmmakers to shoot a trailer, just the trailer, in hopes of using it to raise money for the full film. The idea is to show what the movie will look like once completed…. Read More

Why Prequels Suck

Prequels Suck, Prequels Suck, Prequels Suck…

Your videos suck

But most people hope to get “discovered”… or something.

Adaptations are movies too

Respect the medium.

My 1st movie – Misdirected

…people show up for dreams but they stick around for lunch.

Life in 3D

Apparently 3D is about to take hold, not just in our theaters, but in our televisions as well.  Every major television maker is working on a 3D set for you right now.  Many are already going into mass… Read More