Fill your soul with art

I’ve been getting my hands into a lot of storytelling forms these days. The more I learn the more it inspires and invigorates me. Screenwriters, take my advice, explore more mediums. Poetry, comic books, photography, music; don’t just write… Read More

Screenwriting is…

Art is… Me. Trying to EXPRESS MYSELF while MANIPULATING YOU, and in between find some TRUTH that is common to us all.

Successful screenwriter Sylvester Stallone

Dear aspiring screenwriters, here’s a thought for you – Sylvester Stallone is a more successful screenwriter than you. When you think of screenwriters – if you do – your mind may drift to names like John Logan, John… Read More

Screenwriting and depression

When depression hits you’ve got to find a way to power through and keep working. There’s only so much life to go around.

Where do ideas come from?

I will not tell you how to come up with story ideas. A lot of books will. I think it’s crap. Every writer I know has a bottle neck of ideas. Like many others, I keep a little… Read More